Nothing creates authentic content like connecting brands with artists in their element. A prime example of a successful authentic brand moment is our Somewhere Sounds video series.

Somewhere Sounds is an ongoing collection of free sample packs for Ableton Live users. Curated by artists and producers operating across a range of genres, Somewhere Sounds aims to become the largest collection of audio representing the passions that a diverse range of artists thrive on. 

Brief: Create nontraditional creative content that speaks to the high quality of the brand without overt branding. To directly speak to target market consumers regarding the usefulness of the product, with subtlety and sensitivity. As well as to drive new platform users and ongoing brand loyalty.

Concept: We take music makers “somewhere” to collect sound and demonstrate the power and versatility of the Ableton product, relating it to creativity and music production, showcasing Ableton as a foundational pillar for all producers and music makers. 

Content: An ongoing video series that engages professional artists as brand ambassadors and establishes their meaningful relationship with the product.

Video series branding and logo that are recognisable and complimentary to Ableton’s brand. 

A platform that encourages musicians to download and experiment with the sample packs made on Ableton by the featured artists.

Results: A multi-season video series popular with both music appreciating and music making audiences. Somewhere Sounds is both a video narrative series that entices audiences into the creative journey through Ableton but also a sample pack product that then establishes the audience as an ongoing product consumer.