The Brief: Ableton’s ability to create a world class music-making platform is second to none. But the challenge lies in continued brand development and audience engagement. How does a brand that is a foundational creative tool continue to excite its audience outside of standard product upgrades?

The Idea: When brands look at how to diversify and grow their audience, they must not seem like accessibility is limited to a certain type of person. Ableton’s platform is the perfect tool for every musical creative, from the amateurs to the award winning producers, and so the concept was to showcase how to use Ableton to tell your musical story no matter who you are. The series “Somewhere Sounds” aimed to do that and more.

Taking artists from all backgrounds, we tasked them to collect sounds from their environments and create samples packs using Ableton’s world class platform to tell their story through music. Ableton is seen as the tool that has always been at the core of creation.