The Brief: Converse is a brand that is far more than the shoes and apparel they create. Their All Star program aims to shine a light on and support creators and artists in all fields doing amazing work. Converse had an aim to further illuminate their queer creators in this program and we had the task to promote their program to a wider creative audience.

The Idea: Showcasing the Converse brand and the amazing work of their queer creative community would only be successful through showing authentic moments and having a body of work that would showcase their skills. The “Rainbow Umami” series of videos and tracks would feature queer artists from the All Star program and task them with to create the ultimate queer club remix song. Partnering the series with Sydney WorldPride would allow for further amplification.

Centring a series on non-product brand activity would deepen the Converse brand and their creative support programs into the minds of a broad consumer audience. And by producing musical accompaniment, a remix playlist for all to dance to, gives the Converse brand tangible creative content, legitimising their work in a superficial and oversaturated market.

The Content: A video series with an accompanying playlist of original remixes, featuring queer artists from the Converse All Star program.