The relationship between drinks brands and the live arts space is a tried and true partnership. Combining a new brand looking to break into a new market with a local live music audience bring immediate authentic connection.

The Brief: Pals, the popular New Zealand seltzer brand, had huge success in their local market. Our task was to help launch Pals into the Australian market and integrate into music and cultural fabric.

The Idea: Live music is central to the cultural life of consumer audiences. Integrating Pals in the sponsorship of a massive night of live music in the heart of Sydney’s inner west, Newtown, and leveraging the audience following of not only the bands but Happy Mags following would bring cultural brand awareness to Pals in a new market.

The Content: Venue integration was vital, with the band stage and bar being wrapped in Pals branding. Pals was integrated into all social media activity, pre and post event, again aligning the Pals brand with the cultural influence of the bands on the bill, such as Crocodylus and Bread Club. Social led video content placing Pals branding and products at the centre of a live music, cultural event.