The Brief: Sennheiser is the pinnacle of quality pro audio but in a saturated market, authentic brand engagement is key to success. The need to connect a young, creator audience with the Sennheiser brand was imperative to market share growth and brand love over competitors that push price point above quality.

The Idea: Happy Mag’s hugely successful video series, Somewhere Sounds, was the perfect integration content to showcase the Sennheiser brand as the go-to for all recording artists. 

The series, where artists collect sounds out in nature and cityscapes to then make samples, needed to have the best quality microphones and headphones. So by integrating Sennheiser the audience would be able to see the products in action and then listen to the music made from the recordings, providing a full circle product experience.

The Content: Product integration into a multi episode video series as well as shareable social media content.